The Lure of Wicked Women

Part of the appeal of vintage nude photography is its relative innocence, however one cannot deny that the ultimate effect is one of arousal and the fantasy of engaging in sexual activity. Pornographic photography is largely an unimaginative, hit-over-the-head type of medium, however is has existed since cameras have been around, and some of it is enticing and erotic on more than just a sleazy level. The lure of sex brings the genitals into focus (literally and figuratively)and therefore the vagina becomes the center of attention. Until recently, I had seen very few vintage photographs that were "raunchier", but sure enough, millions of them exist. As time went on more and more of them surfaced to an unentertaining and misogynist level. While the "art photos" of the past were largely women posing for figure studies, the more explicit photos went more directly at sex. Women flaunted there assets more directly, or had more come hither looks on their faces, as well as unabashedly revealing more of their bodies. While the concept of women spreading their legs for the camera is nothing new, there was a greater practice and acceptance of it as not being too dirty after the 1960's. There was also more quality photos of women and men together, sometimes engaging in sexual activity but often posing as if about to do so. While trying to avoid gynecological pictures, and also staying within ever-changing legal limits, I have attempted to exhibit a series of images that I believe to be "tasteful" and erotic. Of course, Taste is a purely subjective area.

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